Terms & Conditions

Visitors & Overnight Guests:
Visitors and overnight guests must register at the Main Lodge BEFORE proceeding to campsites. The daytime visitor fee is $1.00 per person, per day. Daytime visitors must leave the park by 10:00 PM each night.

All vehicles must have a car tag to hang on the rearview mirror. Maximum number of vehicles per site is 2. Additional vehicles must park in designated visitor parking areas. Washing trailers, RVs or other vehicle types are strictly prohibited.

Children (Under the age of 14):
By 10:30 PM, all children must be at their respective campsites unless in the company of the adult(s) responsible for their care.

Check-In and Check-Out time is 12:00 PM. All guests are expected to leave their campsite in the same condition in which they found it upon arrival.

Cottages and Camper Rentals:
Check-In time is 3:00 PM and Check-Out time is 9:00 AM.

Quiet Hours:
Quiet hours are between 10:30 PM – 8:00 AM. These hours are strictly enforced and observed. Violators will be removed from the park at the discretion of campground staff.

Bathhouses will remain closed during cleaning. Cleaning times vary. Alternate facilities must be used during bathhouse cleaning.

Lost and Found:
The lost and found is located at the Main Lodge in the gift shop area.

Pets must be kept on a leash AT ALL TIMES and are not to be left unattended. Please control barking for the respect of other campground patrons. It is required that you pick up after your pets. Doggy stations are located throughout the park. Pets are not allowed in the pool area, on the beach or in ANY building. Aggressive breeds* are not welcome in the campground and owners may be asked to remove the pet(s) from property. (*Please contact campground management for further details on aggressive breeds.)

Swimming Areas – Lake & Pool:
SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK. There are no lifeguards on duty. NO DIVING ALLOWED. Swimmers under the age of 14 must always be supervised by the adult(s) responsible for their care. Children in diapers must wear special swim diapers. No glass containers or food allowed in the pool area. Pets are strictly prohibited.

Speed Limit:
5 MPH AT ALL TIMES. There are children and adults on bikes, and on foot, in addition to pets and wildlife in the park. Be alert and cautious at all times when a operating vehicle.

Golf Carts:
Golf Carts and other non-licensed vehicles are not allowed in the park. Licensed motorbikes and motorcycles may be used in ingress and egress only, not for cruising throughout the park. Cruising the park in any vehicle is not allowed. The exception is vehicles used by Indian Shores staff.

Trash & Recyclables:
Recycling is mandated by state law. Separate the trash from the recyclables and place in a separate bags or containers. Trash and recyclables must be placed out by the road no later then 10:00 AM. No trash or recyclables can be placed by the road after 10:00 AM or left by the road overnight. Fish cleaning remains must be brought to the Fish Cleaning House and disposed of there. Properly disposing of your trash will reduce unwanted animals including bears, raccoon and other visitors.

Campfires must be kept inside of designated fire rings. DO NOT move fire rings. ALL fires must be extinguished completely before retiring for the night or before leaving your campsite.

To prevent the spread of disease and parasites, we comply with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources regulations on firewood travel. No firewood from outside of a 10-mile radius is allowed into the park. State and Federal fines, up to $1,000.00, apply for violations of firewood quarantines. Firewood can be purchased at the Main Lodge.
Metal Detectors & Fireworks:
These items are not allowed in park.

General Guidelines:
We ask that you are courteous and respectful to all other campers so everyone can have an enjoyable camping experience. We reserve the right to evict or refuse service to anyone or any group causing a disturbance, or refusing to comply with campground guidelines. If you have a complaint, need help, or have questions, please let us know. Law Enforcement will be called to deal with drunken or disorderly conduct. Only emergency messages will delivered to your site. Non-emergency messages will be held at the desk at the Main Lodge and can be retrieved during business hours.
Only one camping unit allowed per site. Limit of 6 people per campsite.